Related Projects and Documentation

The Helm community has produced many extra tools, plugins, and documentation about Helm. We love to hear about these projects. If you have anything you’d like to add to this list, please open an issue or pull request.

Article, Blogs, How-Tos, and Extra Documentation

Video, Audio, and Podcast

Helm Plugins

We also encourage GitHub authors to use the helm-plugin tag on their plugin repositories.

Additional Tools

Tools layered on top of Helm or Tiller.

  • AppsCode Swift - Ajax friendly Helm Tiller Proxy using grpc-gateway
  • Armada - Manage prefixed releases throughout various Kubernetes namespaces, and removes completed jobs for complex deployments. Used by the Openstack-Helm team.
  • ChartMuseum - Helm Chart Repository with support for Amazon S3 and Google Cloud Storage
  • Chartify - Generate Helm charts from existing Kubernetes resources.
  • Cloudsmith - Fully managed SaaS offering private Helm Chart Repositories
  • Codefresh - Kubernetes native CI/CD and management platform with UI dashboards for managing Helm charts and releases
  • Cog - Helm chart to deploy Cog on Kubernetes
  • Helm Plugin - Run Helm inside of the Drone CI/CD system
  • Helm Chart Publisher - HTTP API for publishing Helm Charts in an easy way
  • Helm.NET - A .NET client for Tiller’s API
  • Helmfile - Helmfile is a declarative spec for deploying helm charts
  • Helmsman - Helmsman is a helm-charts-as-code tool which enables installing/upgrading/protecting/moving/deleting releases from version controlled desired state files (described in a simple TOML format).
  • Landscaper - “Landscaper takes a set of Helm Chart references with values (a desired state), and realizes this in a Kubernetes cluster.”
  • Monocular - Web UI for Helm Chart repositories
  • Orca - Advanced CI\CD tool for Kubernetes and Helm made simple.
  • Quay App Registry - Open Kubernetes application registry, including a Helm access client
  • Reckoner - Reckoner (formerly Autohelm) is a tool for declarative management of helm releases. Written in python and supports git urls as a source for helm charts.
  • Rudder - RESTful (JSON) proxy for Tiller’s API
  • Schelm - Render a Helm manifest to a directory
  • Shipper - Multi-cluster canary or blue-green rollouts using Helm
  • VIM-Kubernetes - VIM plugin for Kubernetes and Helm

Helm Included

Platforms, distributions, and services that include Helm support.


Grab bag of useful things for Chart authors and Helm users

  • Await - Docker image to “await” different conditions–especially useful for init containers. More Info